About Me

I was born in Helsinki, Finland, 38 years ago and now live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with my wife Delanii, who’s British.

I hold a BBA from Helsinki School of Economics & Business Administration in Finland as well as an MBA with distinction from London Business School.

I’ve spent the last 15 years working on four exciting telecoms / high-tech start-ups, which have given me a chance to both travel and live all around the world.

I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to discover new places and to learn about other people and cultures tremendously. To date, I’ve travelled to about 90 countries, across all seven continents, and hope to see many more places in the future.

Travelling has also fuelled my desire for adventure. I climbed my first mountain, Kilimanjaro, during a holiday trip to Tanzania in 2003. I returned to Kilimanjaro again in 2006 and I’ve been dreaming of climbing the Seven Summits ever since!

My previous mountain climbing expeditions have taken me to places like Nepal, Tanzania, France, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey and Antarctica.

I’ve just completed the Seven Summits, reaching the summits of the highest mountains on each continent as the first person from Finland. The Seven Summits have been previously climbed by only 350 people and I’m one of just 100 people that have completed both the Bass and Messner Seven Summits lists.

Now I’m preparing for a lifelong adventure of parenthood back at home in Dubai and planning my next set of adventures. I’m also doing corporate speaking, so if you’re looking to entertain your customers or maybe excite and motivate your employees with stories from climbing to the top of the world, get in touch, and we’ll build a program that your target audience will remember for a long time!

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