1st Anniversary of my Everest Summit!

Exactly a year ago today, I took my last steps to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on earth.

There’s no shortcut to the top of the world. Those last few steps on the summit ridge represented the conclusion of years of preparation and training, including almost two months on Everest itself, acclimatizing and waiting for a summit window to arrive, which would allow a push to the summit through the dangerous Death Zone.



The most common question I get from people regarding Everest is “Why expose yourself to all the hardship and risk your life trying to reach the top of the world?”

The answer is that I’m not sure. I’ve always been keen to test my limits, both in my professional and private lives, which is probably the reason for the desire to see whether you’re strong enough physically and mentally to deal with the challenges posed by Mount Everest.

Whatever the original reason that led me to climb Mount Everest, it left a fire at the bottom of my stomach, which means that I’m not done yet. More adventures await.

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