Another Everest Season Begins!

Today marks the 1st year anniversary of the start of my expedition to climb Mount Everest, which was an amazing experience.

This is also a special year as it’s the 60th anniversary year of the first ascent of Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay – I must admit I’m jealous of those that get to be on the mountain!







This year a total of 590 climbers in 54 teams and supported by +825 sherpa are looking to navigate their way to the top of the world either from Nepal or China as reported by Alan Arnette.

The South Col Route from Nepal is the most popular with 47 teams, 500 climbers and +700 sherpa. The Northeast Ridge Route from China is being pursued by 7 teams with 90 climbers and +125 sherpa. Like last year, IMG, which uses the South Col Route is the largest team on the mountain.

I have many friends on the mountain again this year, including Dean, Moe, Holly as well as the IMG team including Mike, Justin, Eric, Greg, Jenni and Ang Jangbu.

I wish them all best of luck and patience – please remember that safety comes first on Everest!

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