Day 5: Last camp before summit push

We woke up to loud chatter from a nearby tent belonging to a group of young American climbers. One of them was suffering from snow-blindness, a seemingly unnecessary problem that could have been avoided simply by wearing sunglasses, and had to be escorted down.

Since leaving Shira Camp, our route has basically been following the circumference of Mount Kilimanjaro, without really getting us closer to the summit.

In light of this, we were happy to be heading towards the Barafu Camp at 4550m altitude.

Barafu means “ice” in Swahili, which is a pretty appropriate name for the exposed camp on a narrow ridge with seemingly ever-present gales.

We reached the camp in just about three hours and after an early dinner, we had a hard time falling asleep, knowing that we would be heading to the summit tonight!

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