Diving monkeys

After breakfast, we were picked up by Yos Diving for a diving trip at Nusa Dua. The diving was terrible and we saw more garbage floating in the water than marine life, so we cut the day short and headed back to the hotel after the first of two dives.

In the afternoon, while having lunch at the bar, we were entertained by the resident macac monkeys: next to us, an American lady was feeding the monkeys so they got bolder and started taking food directly off her plate.

As the lady tried to scare the monkey away, the macac showed its teeth to which the lady responded by yelling: “look, it’s smiling at me”…..luckily for her, staff chased the macac away, before it ”smiled” its teeth into her ;-)

The monkeys also showcased a skill I’ve never seen monkeys do before – they followed the example of the guests and swam and dove in the resorts pool!

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