Evacuation to a hospital

In the morning, yet another security patrol arrived to finally let us into the container. However, the patrol also left two security guards with us to stop me from wandering into the mining area again ;-)

In the late afternoon, over 24 hours after we had requested a doctor, I was getting increasingly frustrated and started suggesting that we consider walking through the mine or hijacking a car from the security.

Fortunately, at 2100 as we prepare to spend a night inside the container, an ambulance arrives from the mine’s clinic with two paramedics who check Delanii and decide to evacuate her to the clinic.

Despite arguments that Meldy should come along, the security refuse to let him come with us.

At the clinic, Delanii is administered with a drip and oxygen, and then evacuated to Tembagapura Hospital via ambulance and cable-car with security escort. She’s admitted to the hospital after midnight and given another drip.

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