Going to all corners of the world

Pursuing the Seven Summits is not only about taking on big mountains, but also about seeing the world. The project takes a climber literally to many corners of the world, including many places like Antarctica or the jungles of Papua, where very few people have been before.

For example to climb Carstensz Pyramid on Papua, one has to hire a plane to fly in the middle of the jungle to Sugapa, a village at approx. 2000m altitude inhabited by the Dani tribe, which was discovered over 60 years ago. Meeting people who walk around naked, hunt with bows/arrows and eat spiders is pretty interesting and not something any of the travel brochures normally offers you!

The image above is part of an article which OutdoorUAE, the best outdoor publication in the Middle East, is publishing in their latest edition regarding my expedition to Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina. The magazine will be out in a couple of days so look out for it at the news stand!

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