Mount Everest Anniversary

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of summiting Mount Everest for me. The feelings related to taking those last few steps to the top of the world after years of training, planning and preparation, are still fresh in my mind.


The last two years have given me a lot of perspective to the ambitious project and what I’ve learned from it as an individual. I’ve also gotten a chance to put those learnings to test through sharing my experience with thousands of people at schools, universities and companies around the world through motivational presentations as well as through advising companies on various topics. I’ve also taken on new start-up project, Pryte, my 5th start-up in the technology / telecoms space, where we’ve set our targets pretty high and which I’m very excited about.

I’ll have more to report on Pryte later on, but I can already confirm that the same approach from taking on ambitious high-altitude expeditions also apply to increasing your success in business!


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