On the summit of Mount Elbrus!

We got up at 0200 and after some food and last minute equipment check, we started off at 0300 with a snow cat ride from the Garabashi Botschki at 3800m to Pastukhova Rocks at 4640m.

From Pastukhova Rocks the team split into small groups for the hike to the West Summit of Mount Elbrus, standing at 5642m, which I reached at 1030 with Delanii and Dan.

After catching our breath and taking some summit photos, we started our hike down.

On the decent, we decided to use some large garbage bags to slide down the safe parts of the mountain to reach the Pastukhova Rocks, where we hitched a ride from a snow cat back to the Garabashi Botschki. At 1500, after a 12 hour round trip, we were finally able to take our boots off, eat and get some well deserved sleep!


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