Retracing Adam’s footsteps

I’m going to be spending three of the next 4.5 months on mountains, so I want to make sure I also spent quality time with my wife Delanii before jetting off to enjoy Everest and Denali ;-)

So to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we flew to Sri Lanka for a week. I had prepared to take a few days off training, but it turned out that some of Sri Lanka’s sights offered great training!

On Valentine’s Day we decided to climb Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada, which is a 2243m mountain in Central Sri Lanka. The summit of Adam’s Peak has a footprint, which Buddhist believe belongs to Buddha, Hindu’s to Shiva and Muslims as well as Christians believe it belongs to Adam.

The path to the top of the mountain is 5200 steps, which most people tackle during the cool hours of the night as daytime temperatures reach above +30C  with high humidity.

Delanii and I didn’t start our climb until 0700 and although we took only 2.5 hours getting to the top, we regretted not having started a bit earlier to benefit from the cooler weather.

The climb was actually very similar to my stair climbing in Dubai: I usually spend 2-3 days a week climbing stairs of my 55 storey apartment building with a 20-25kg backpack on. I try to do 200-250 floors at a time, which takes about 4 hours and was very similar to climbing to see the summit of Adams’s Peak….although, the views on top of the mountain were much better than the top of our stairwell.

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