Rubber boots are optional

Fortunately, Adventure Indonesia had agreed to pay the fee demanded by the clan, but we still woke up earlier than the previous day hoping to get to the jungle before any other clans got any ideas.

The idea was great, but we still encountered two further roadblocks, but were able to negotiate our way through those with the help of the village policeman!

During the first couple of hours we passed the last inhabitation and got some beautiful views before the path took us into the thick jungle.

In terms of trekking, the first day was a bit of a wake-up call. We spent most of the day in thick jungle with shin deep mud. Funnily, our trekking company had advised that rubber boots were optional, but based on the first day, they seemed like the most important piece of gear.

After 10 hours in the jungle, we made camp at 1645.

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