Sleeping next to “world’s nastiest outhouse”

Our day started with a move to the Garabashi Botschki, which is a base camp area at 3800m made of giant barrels, from which we would make our actual climb of Mount Elbrus.

Unfortunately, we had booked hut accommodation next to what Outside magazine labelled as “world’s nastiest outhouse” in 1993. The original outhouse had been half-destroyed, but the replacement, a blue plastic box perched off a rock face, with nothing but emptiness underneath it, didn’t feel like a great improvement!

In the afternoon, we made an acclimatisation climb to the Prius Hut at 4100m and reviewed crevasse rescue techniques under Rob’s instruction before returning to the hut, where we’re joined by Liza, a Russian cook who’s going to make sure we stay well-fed while at the base camp.

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