Trouble on the mountain

Despite promises from the group leaders that we could sleep in following our return from the summit, we were told to pack quickly at 0900. This meant, that Delanii who had been keen to sleep in, also missed her breakfast.

At 0930, we started the trek back with the porters leading the way and with Delanii and me holding the rear. Climbing over the New Zealand Pass, just an hour or so into the trek, Delanii collapsed of exhaustion.

After Poxy reached us and discussed the situation with his boss via satellite phone, we concluded that we needed to evacuate Delanii to the Grasberg Mine. Poxy also tells us that Meldy is bizarrely already on his way there.

We reached the mine’s edge, Balidan, at about 1430 and shortly after, one of the security patrols of the mine located us. We requested a doctor, but surprisingly were simply told to wait while the security patrol sought advice from their superiors regarding what to do with us.

Over the next few hours, several security patrols visited Balidan to check on Delanii, Meldy and me, but while they brought us water and food, none bothered to actually check Delanii’s or Meldy’s condition. Furthermore, there was no doctor or access to the container, despite heavy rain.

In light of the lack of action, my frustration was growing and I wondered into the open pit area of the mine and started stopping huge Caterpillar trucks transporting rocks, to request for a doctor.  The only result from this was another security patrol arriving to tell us not to wonder anywhere.

Fortunately, in the evening another security patrol brought wood and helped us light a fire to keep warm as we had only one sleeping bag for three people. This was great as the temperature had been dropping all day due to continuous rain.

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