Surya Vinayak English School

For the past few years, I’ve had the privilege to work alongside my wife Delanii to support the Surya Vinayak English School in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

The school is home to around 300 children aged 2-15 and is the first school in Kathmandu area to accept disabled children, despite extremely limited facilities and resources.

Bhaktapur - FINAL












We got introduced to the school, which operates on a not-for-profit basis, when Delanii spent some time there as a volunteer teacher in 2011 and since then, with help from generous friends, including my classmates from London Business School, we’ve raised significant amounts of money for the school to build basic facilities including sanitation, hire extra teachers as well as providing teaching aids and materials.

We visit the school on a regular basis, but this was the first time I got a chance to share my story of climbing the pride of Nepal, Mount Everest, with the children and taking the flag of Surya Vinayak English School to the top of the world.

EBC after Summit

Visiting the school is always a humbling experience as despite the very challenging circumstances the children show amazing desire, fuelled by the dedication of the staff, to create opportunities for themselves through education and improve not only their own lives but the lives of those around them.

We can all learn a lot from them.


Speaking Recap 2014

Last year was another busy year on the speaking front and I got a chance to deliver dozens of keynote presentations to a wide range of audiences – from students at schools and universities, to business men and women across companies of various sizes.

Majority of the sessions were delivered across Europe and the Middle East and many as part of bigger themed programs such as kick-offs, sales meetings, team building events, strategic retreats etc.

I’m particularly proud that well more than half of the clients have already requested additional sessions, highlighting that both the theme and the storytelling style of delivery work universally across audiences!

Looking forward to another busy 2015!

Facebook acquires Pryte

Very happy that Facebook is acquiring my latest start-up Pryte as reported by Wall Street Journal, Business Week and others.



This is the fifth start-up I’ve been operationally involved with in technology / telecoms – the five companies have raised a combined US$500m in venture capital and private equity funding, created hundreds of jobs, done business across +50 developed and emerging markets and created significant value to the shareholders – highlighting that the same approach to challenges works – whether your on Mount Everest or building a technology start-up! Now time for me to start planning the next projects!

For details on Pryte and Facebook, please visit


Mount Everest Anniversary

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of summiting Mount Everest for me. The feelings related to taking those last few steps to the top of the world after years of training, planning and preparation, are still fresh in my mind.


The last two years have given me a lot of perspective to the ambitious project and what I’ve learned from it as an individual. I’ve also gotten a chance to put those learnings to test through sharing my experience with thousands of people at schools, universities and companies around the world through motivational presentations as well as through advising companies on various topics. I’ve also taken on new start-up project, Pryte, my 5th start-up in the technology / telecoms space, where we’ve set our targets pretty high and which I’m very excited about.

I’ll have more to report on Pryte later on, but I can already confirm that the same approach from taking on ambitious high-altitude expeditions also apply to increasing your success in business!


On stage with a rockstar!

I was honoured to deliver a keynote at F-Secure’s annual SPECIES event alongside Bruce Dickinson, the front-man of Iron Maiden.

20140514 Bruce Dickinson

I shared my journey to the top of the world with +200 customer and partner representatives of F-Secure from across the world in Berlin, Germany, which provided great symbolism for the theme of digital freedom.

F-Secure is a publicly-listed security software company headquartered in Finland, has been at the forefront of innovation to create a safe and secure internet for over 25 years.

This was my third engagement with F-Secure over the past 18 months and I look forward continuing the co-operation in the future!

2013 Speaking Recap

Last year gave me dozens of opportunities to relive my journey to the top of the world through motivational presentations at schools, universities / business schools and companies primarily across Europe and the Middle East, including at great companies such as Accenture, HP, McKinsey & Company, Danone and Dubizzle.

I spoke to audiences of various sizes, ages and cultural backgrounds about how many of the challenges we face on high altitude expeditions are very similar to the challenges that we encounter in our daily private and professional lives and therefore, how many of the ways in we address those challenges on the mountains are also relevant at sea-level.



As a businessman and mountaineer, I use the journey to address various topics relevant to businesses from encouraging ambition and setting goals for sales teams, to improving teamwork within and across departments as well as addressing topics such as dealing with constantly changing operating environments.

My most memorable experience from the past year was one young lady who came up to me post-presentation explaining that she suffered from ADD and has struggled to focus for periods longer than a few minutes for most of her life, however, my story had kept her engaged for almost two hours.

It gave me an amazing feeling…almost like the one I felt standing on top of the world ;-)


Speaking to Danone’s (famous for baby food) global management training program members visiting Dubai reminded me of some soul searching I had to do on Mount Everest while my wife Delanii was pregnant with our first born Felix ;-)

Shared my own leadership experiences from business and mountains to give the participants a different angle on the challenges of leadership.


Inspiring McKinsey & Co.

Spoke at McKinsey & Co’s first iMEO (Inspire Middle East Office) event in Dubai about what inspires me to test my limits in harsh environments like Mount Everest.


Met some very interesting people, had interesting conversations with a comedian and an inventor and inspired a few people not just to their own “mountains”, but real ones too!


Will your staff reach their peak in 2013?

This year, 2013, is the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. This anniversary provides companies with a great opportunity to inspire, motivate and challenge their staff to reach their peak in 2013!

Since completing my First Finnish Seven Summits project, I’ve done corporate speaking in Europe as and the Middle East, combining mountaineering with my business background.

I’ve spoken to thousands of people, ranging from start-up’s to large multinationals and from small management teams to audiences of hundreds.

My presentations utilize my expedition experiences to address various business topics  – I
build each presentation based on the audience and the goals of the client while using stories, photographs and videos from my expeditions to e.g. Mount Everest to entertain, inspire and address issues identified with the client.

I’ve spoken about setting goals, aiming high, taking responsibility, teamwork, dealing with uncertainty,  leadership, etc. – many topics that you would address in any case e.g. during internal staff training / development sessions.

Using a presentation of the journey to the top of the world provides for both an exciting and entertaining presentation, so I encourage you click here for a short video done of my expedition to Mount Everest.

I’m happy to tell you more if your interested, so feel free to get in touch!