Red Square – the heart of Moscow

To get the full Moscow experience, we jumped onto the Moscow Metro and headed to the Red Square. The metro was stunning, with many stations made of marble and decorated with statues. The downside for a tourist was that all the signs were in Cyrillic!

At the Red Square, we visited St Basil’s Cathedral and the GUM department store as well as admired the outside of Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Kremlin – taking in the atmosphere and tonnes of pictures!

In the evening we met our climbing team from Adventure Peaks, which included: Dan, Dave, Tim, Neil, Wilf and MJ as well as Rob, our British expedition leader who normally works in Antarctica!


Flying to Moscow

My girlfriend Delanii and I flew into Domodedovo Airport in Moscow at 2255. Delanii had to wait until midnight for her visa to become active. Hanging around airside arrivals for an hour after the plane had landed meant Emirates Airline almost sent our uncollected bags back to Dubai – thinking we had never boarded the plane.

At midnight, lucky to have held onto our bags with all the climbing gear, we jumped into a taxi to the Hotel Vega on the outskirts of Moscow, roughly an hour away from the airport.