Getting tested in London

Visited 76 Harley Street, a medical practise specialised in serving elite and extreme athletes, including those pursuing high altitude expeditions.

Had a pre-expedition health check with Dr Jack Kreindler.

Returned to 76 Harley Street in the evening for a CPEX (Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise) test, administered by Jim, an American biochemist who used to date a girl from Kokkola in Finland!

Dr Jack will be comparing my resting data points to data points measured during and immediately after the resistance test, in which a computer is steadily increasing the resistance of the exercise bike.

Wolf Run in Lemington Spa

My wife and I participated in a Wolf Run in Lemington Spa, UK today.

Wolf stands for Wood, Obstacles, Lakes & Fields and it was basically a 10km run with obstacles requiring the runners to crawl in mud, swim in a lake, climb hay bales etc.

It was a lot of fun, although clothes needed some serious washing afterwards! Check them out!